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Recreational Fun

Off Roading Adventures

    Lytle Creek is home to very many senic routs, and having a off roading vehicle is a must if you want to see all of the beautiful Lytle Creek. Below are links to various sites that may help you when you go to plan your next off road adventure.

Hiking and Camping  Adventures

    The picture above shows all of the 'yellow posts' in the Lytle Creek area. These posts signify the legal designated camping areas. To get to these camping sites you may need a off roading vehicle. Also, be prepared to hike to some of the more remote camping sites. The links below will take you to other websites that will have more information on the camping and hiking trails around the Lytle Creek area.

Picnic and Campground Adventures

    Applewhite Campground is the most local camping site in the area. This campground is right off the main road and right across form the Applewhite Picnic Area. There is also a small fee atached to your stay here. The campground includes bathrooms and small parking lots for your comfort. The map above can help you locate the camping area.

   The Applewhite Picnic Area is a very popular destination during the summer for residents and vistors of Lytle Creek, CA. This is a place where one can bring the family, have a BBQ, and play in the creek. There is a small fee to enter the Picnic Area. The large map at the top of the page should help you locate excatly where this picnic area is.

Wildlife Sightings

   The slideshow above shows just some of the different kinds of animals and insects that you might stumble upon while visiting Lytle Creek, CA. But no matter how beautiful or innocent these creatures may seem, it is very important to realize some of the dangers. These animals are in their natural habitat and they some of the animals are known to react when they are disturbed. Just remember to be careful and follow your instincts. 

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