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Local Businesses

Green Mountain Ranch

    Green Mountain Ranch is a popular and beautiful wedding and special events destination. This hidden treasure is bound to become one of your faviortes if you are lucky enough to catch a peek inside. Click on the links below to check out their website and even some of their Yelp reviews.

Melody's Place - Bar and Grill

  Melody's Place is one of the most popular hang - out destinations for not only the locals, but for the tourists as well. Not only will you get great food and drinks, but you will receive great service from the staff! After your hike, come enjoy a their famous 'Mountain Burger' and a beer, you won’t regret it! Also check them out on yelp and Facebook; click on the links below. 

Mountain Lakes Resort

    Mountain Lakes Resort is a camping resort nessled in the middle of the canyon where one can enjoy themselves while they take a break from reality. The link below will take you directly to their home page so you can find out more information on what this little hidden treasure has to offer.

Lytle Creek Firing Range

    The Lytle Creek Firing Range is a professionally managed shotting range located at the very top of Lytle Creek Road. The range is place where one can practice their skills in a safe and sucludded enviroment. The link below will take you to their website. so in case you are interested in visiting, you can go and check this hidden treasure out.

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