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    Welcome and thank you for showing interest in the beautiful community of Lytle Creek, California! Lytle Creek, located in the San Bernardino National Forrest north of Fontana, is full of recreational fun visitors may enjoying fishing, swimming, sunbathing, shooting, hiking, and camping. Please look around the website as you please. Visit, explore, and imagine all of the possibilities Lytle creek can bring. Of course, your adventure is what you make of it, but hopefully this site gives you a little insight.

    Be adventurous. Be careful. And have fun! Take a trip to Lytle Creek and enjoy natures natural beauty and take an easy break from the heat and congestion of the city. Who knows, Lytle Creek, California may become your new favorite getaway.

Friendly Reminders...

You are visiting a national forest and the living area of both wild animals and humans so there are a couple of things to remember:


Travel with a companion

-If you are visiting to hike, please do not travel alone. Lytle Creek is home to potentially dangerous animals and plants such as poison ivy and poison oak, rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Make sure someone knowns where you are in the case of an emergency.

Keep pets on leashes

- Bring water and food for your pets. Also clean up after them.

Clean up after yourself

- Trash affects everyone and everything. Be courteous and remember to recycle.

Only Build fires in a safe area

- Protect the canyon by using various fire safety knowledge.

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